Monday, May 1, 2017


One step forward and two steps back.  Anxious to play with my updated, upgraded cellphone with the WiFi capabilities, all was well yesterday morning until I tried to send a text message.  Like Alice down the rabbit hole, I fell into a strange new world with icons I'd never seen and requests for which I had no answer.  And I was trapped there.  No way in or out.  I'd shut the phone down, but when I powered up again I was back in NeverLand.  I didn't know Pete's weekend schedule and didn't want to wake him with a call (i.e., a cry for help).  Somehow or other, I did manage to send a text asking if he were up, the text accompanied with a floating bouquet of balloons (like I would ever do such a thing).  Pete called and tried his best to talk me through the maze.  There are certain difficulties when one person describes what they see and the other does not see the same thing.  "Okay, now hit 'send.'"  "Pete, there is no 'send' button anywhere on the screen."  "Of course there's a 'send' button."  Turned out the 'send' key had been replaced with a little green 'up' arrow.  We were talking apples and oranges and not getting anywhere.  Aarrgh!  Before the frustration level hit critical mass, it was time for me to do barn chores.

Snake was back in his favorite spot.  I'd only been able to see about two feet or so as he posed propped up in the corner, but knew there was more snake down below.  Omigosh, he slowly came out along the floor by the wall and Snake was well over five feet long, maybe even six as I never did see his tail!  We have a Gentleman's Agreement; I don't bother him and he doesn't bother me.

On my way back from the barn, Pete called (on my cellphone) and said he'd be up in an hour or so to assess/fix the problem.  I hated like blazes to take up his entire weekend, but he was gracious and insisted and I was desperate.  When he arrived, he came bearing gifts...steaks to grill for early dinner.  These were not just your run-of-the-mill steaks, but filet mignon!  Ohmigosh, I can't remember the last time I had steak, period, and filet mignon?!

Turning our attention to the cellphone, turned out I had to reset the Apple connection and reboot the WiFi and do this, that, and the other thing (and figure out that little green 'up' arrow).  At least with that, Pete realized I hadn't gone blind or senile; there really was no 'send' key.

Then it was time to grill the steaks.  Pete had premarinated those beauties.  He was a little distressed that I had no barbecue.  The best I could offer was a grill pan, which had always worked for me.  "Well, okay, Mom, but if these don't turn out it will be your fault."  He was happy with the char and grill marks.  He cut off little test bites and I almost swooned.  As I've said, I love it when the student surpasses the teacher.  I could never cook a steak to perfection as Pete did.  Ohmigosh, it's hard to think one could drool while eating, but I managed it.  Butter tender, juicy and flavorful, except for "Oh my God, that's good!," all conversation came to a screeching halt until the last bite went down.

We had time for an afternoon of conversation and then Pete took off, having done yeoman's duty in the kitchen and on the computer, taking my gratitude on both fronts.

It was a more-than-good day!

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Kathryn Williams said...

Well, Pete's been gone for a long time, so I"m glad you guys are getting a crash course in catching up. And yum, the filet sounds WONDERFUL!