Monday, May 8, 2017

Writer's Block

There are days when words and ideas crowd my head, begging to be put "on paper."  And then there are times like this morning when my mind is as blank as the screen, probably following a do-nothing day.  Yesterday was NASCAR and not much got done.  In fact, between the Kentucky Derby and the race at Talladega, it was pretty much a lost weekend (although nothing like "The Lost Weekend" - 1945, Ray Milland, Jane Wyman).  I did get a few piddly chores done in an attempt to assuage my guilt, but certainly nothing to write about.

I can count on Bessie Anne to get me out of my chair when she wants to go outside.  She has gotten very needy as she ages.  I'll open the door for her, the door of her choosing, and then she stands there looking at me.  "You come too, Mom.  Let's do this together."  If by some chance I'm actually busy, I'll take a step out and she'll follow, but then I step back in and leave her to look out the rails on her own.  Bess is okay with that, but she never stays outside long by herself.  Her eyes are getting cloudy with cataracts and she's almost totally deaf now.  It's a good thing I've always used hand signals in her training as we rely on them for communication these days.

Race or no race, I went with Bess a couple of times to enjoy the outdoors.  The last couple of days have been chilly (seems forever since I've used that word), but the sun did break through in the afternoon and sitting on the deck was grand.  I was right about the baby birds in the oak.  I wonder why the birds hadn't nested there before, or why I haven't noticed that sound in the past if they had.  I'm usually pretty attuned to my surroundings.

In the words of Forrest Gump, "That's all I have to say about that."

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