Thursday, June 15, 2017

Out Of Control

When we moved here, this hedge (and don't ask me what the plants are) was below the window ledges in front of the two front bedrooms.  Those rooms face west and, like the kitchen, get the brunt of the afternoon summer sun.  I used to keep the hedge clipped down until I realized it could afford some shade, particularly because one room was my office in which I spent many hours doing medical transcription and sweltering.  I did keep the hedge neat and tidy, though, with nice flat top and sides, but let it get much taller.  I don't do ladders anymore, and knew the top was getting unruly, but it wasn't until I really looked at it yesterday to see that the front and ends were also out of control.  I'm sure not going to do anything about it right now.  When the shrubs burst into blossom as they have, they draw bees like crazy and I would do anything to help those little critters.  We'd be in a world of hurt without them; bees do so much more for the planet than make honey.  I'll just put hedge trimming on the to-do-someday list.

All that was lush and green on the property has turned dry and brown.  I've had to start supplementing the girls' feed with alfalfa again.  Dead weeds and grasses have few of the nutrients of the greens they were stuffing down daily and milk production was notably down.

I misnamed Greedy Gus, the ground squirrel who comes to the breakfast buffet each morning.  It is my habit to call, "Turk, turk, turk," as I throw down the seed to bring the turkeys to the table.  Yesterday there were no turkeys in sight, but Gus was.  He waited, however, until I called, "Turk, turk, turk," to came and eat.  He thinks his name is Turk and he waited for his invitation.  Turk it is then.  They make me laugh.

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Kathryn Williams said...

We have a friend who was nicknamed Turk, long before I was introduced. He is a very fair red head and I guess he used to wrap his head in a (Turkish?) towel when at the beach, so as not to turn his head bright red! He's over 70 now but the name has stuck with a small group! Your hedge/bush really does look like it gives nice shade to those rooms!