Tuesday, August 8, 2017

In The Beginning

In the beginning, it was drippy-sweat hot down in the barn.  It was nice to see that the Westies have found their way over to the grain in the Easties' territory.  They poke their head out, recon the situation, then make a fast dash under the milking stand, grab a morsel and hotfoot it  back home.  Still no sign of Percy or his gang.

By the time my milk customer arrived, the deltas had made their way up from the valley and the day became quite pleasant.  Cam called in the afternoon with an offer of homegrown Persian cucumbers.  Since she was out running errands, I told her that if she would pick up some sour cream I'd make White Gazpacho for a light dinner.  It is a fast, easy summer soup.  Peel and seed three cucumbers, cut in chunks and put in a blender.  Throw in one small peeled clove of garlic, add half a can of chicken broth, a pint of sour cream, salt and white pepper to taste, and whirl until smooth.  It's best if allowed to chill thoroughly, but we didn't wait.

Sitting out on the deck, we watched a mama turkey and three of her five youngsters search for leftovers under the oak.  There is such a high mortality rate for turkeys, so three is a pretty good ratio.

We both have animals to tend, so all visits end by sundown at this time of year.  It won't be all that long until day's end will come by 4:30.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

I'm so glad that you have Cam for some fun and good eats for both of you. She's lucky that you like to be in the kitchen :-)