Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lightening The Load

Guilt is a heavy burden, heavier by far than sacks of feed.  I've been looking around at things left undone and I'm tired of feeling guilty.  Yesterday I started taking baby steps to drop my load.  Thing and his rat pack have been overwhelmingly destructive in the feed room, to the point where I gave up and left everything they'd knocked off shelves, torn up, chewed up, or otherwise ruined right where it lay.  A tornado couldn't have made a worse mess.  I've been stepping over, on, and around all this stuff and, of course, feeling guilty.

The middle part of the barn was built by a commercial shed company and has small screened windows on either side.  Steve built on wings, one to store the bales of alfalfa and straw, the small room for my craft supplies and chicken feed, and a port for the lawn tractor and rototillers.  Yes, rototillers; at one time we had three.  Steve always felt that if one was good; three (or more) was better.  The windows were left open for ventilation.

Thing and his cronies live in the middle section of the barn and tore out the screen into the feed room  for easy access.  I've been trying to figure out how to put chicken wire over the opening to keep them out, but it just now dawned on me, "Woman, shut the window, you twit!"  Well, duh.  (That's the first item on my agenda for today.)   At any rate, I didn't spend much time yesterday because I needed to get to the goat barn before it got too hot, but I got a start on cleaning up the room.  I'm not yet guilt free, but I feel better.

Candy, the circuit-riding hairdresser, came to the house yesterday.  She is a friend as well, and we spent a couple of hours just talking before she trimmed my unruly mop.  It's not just the feed room that's getting neat and tidy.

Bess and I took the trash down to the road where I found a large, heavy desk chair stuffed in the recycle bin I share with Camille.  Seriously?  I had to remove the chair so I could put in my contribution, but put it back, thinking it was Cam's.  Turns out some neighbor decided to use our bin to get rid of his/her trash; not very neighborly.  Cam went across and took the chair out again, lightening our load of recyclables.

And so ended a rather eventful day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Good luck on outsmarting Thing! Sounds like you are being nicely productive...that's on my To Do list today also! Cheers!