Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Familiar Faces

"They grow up so quickly."  Before my, I hesitate to say "vacation" so let's call it "hiatus," there were any number of kindergartner mice running around in the barn.  Now it's hard to tell youngsters from the adults.  It is nice to see Miss Muffet is still taking her breakfast croissants to the corner.  Persistent Percy, not s'much.  I continue to squirt him with milk as he sneaks in to raid the grain pile and he continues to come back for more, his fur all spiky and wet.  Lumpy, the tree squirrel, has not yet adapted to the early feeding schedule; I haven't seen him lately.  I don't know whether he is sleeping in or has moved on.  It's always good to see familiar faces.

My long-time milk customer came yesterday, paying his $5 bill with a $20.  I'd frivolously spent my available funds at the Highland Games and so had to give him change with a few bills and twelve dollars in quarters from my poker stash.  He said they were very heavy.  I told him not to fall in the river.

My summertime program is in full effect.  It involves a lot of naps during the heat of the day.  What am I saying?  It's hot all day long!  Sometimes I cheat and go to the bedroom where there is a window air conditioner for a little relief.  Bessie Anne goes for a dip in her pool at least once a day.  Yesterday was the summer solstice (first day of summer) and it's already in the 90s!  Waking at 4:30 this morning, the full moon was so bright I thought it was daylight.

I have an appointment in a week or so with an oncologist who will plot my future course of treatment, which I know will include radiation.  Can't say I'm looking forward to that.

One thing about summer skies, there are spectacular sunsets.  Trying to catch the right timeline for beddy-byes, I took this shot on the way down to the barn.

The girls went willingly and readily into their stalls, easy-peasy.

In the short time that took, the colors of the sky had changed as I walked back up the hill to tackle the pullets.  There were only a couple of stragglers and the youngsters went into their coop for the night.  The bigger "little kids" know the routine well and were already inside.

It was a good, albeit hot, day.

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