Monday, June 27, 2016


Percy and Pal have moved on from petty thievery to major crimes.  Using either bribery or extortion, they've got several of the goats tipping the food dish to dump a bit of grain under the stand where I can't squirt or swat.  I've admonished the girls that they should not be abetting criminals, but whatever the squirrels have on them is more threatening than my advice.  I can hear the boys crunching and munching behind me as I'm milking, but there's nothing I can do to stop the little hoodlums.

There are currently three squirrel burrows under the porch and I consider this a home invasion.  Instead of a single-family dwelling, I now live in a condominium.  It's all downhill from here, and there goes the neighborhood.

Thing went on a full-scale rampage yesterday, knocking over boxes large enough to block the door (thankfully, there are two doors to the feed shed).  While I don't like it, I understand why he's chewed through the lid to the chicken scratch.  I do not understand why he tore open the bag of oyster shells and continued until there was nothing but torn paper and shells all over the floor.  That's just plain meanness.  If I could catch him, I'd have him sent up on vandalism charges in a heartbeat.  If Thing ever gets his paws on a can of spray paint....

 The danged ground squirrels have become the bane of my life.  Little thugs, all of 'em.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Well darn...and you are the one who pays the property taxes and the feed bills.....NO FAIR!