Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hard To Ask

Song of the day?  "Help" (Beatles, 1965).  When you've been used to doing things for yourself and have a tendency toward independence and, let's face it, stubbornness, it's hard to ask for help.  Beau had things to take care of on his own place so I've taken over raking the stalls again, albeit slowly, to be sure.  He came through like a champ when I was desperate for someone to milk the girls, so I felt bad yesterday when I texted and asked for his help again today.  I don't want to be "that lady down the road" who takes advantage of his good nature.  The problem being that I was out of chicken feed and had to go to Mt. Aukum for supplies.  I've been able in the past to unload the fifty-pound bags and get them into the shed and barrels, but I'm concerned about tearing open the still-healing incisions so, what're ya gonna do?  You ask for help.  (Haven't heard from him yet, but I'm hopeful.)

Watering, which takes no effort, is the chore of the day in this heat.  Bessie is due for a new pool, as hers has sprung a slow leak.  The potted plants wilt in one day if not kept damp, and the birds splash all the water out of their birdbath in the herb garden daily.  The pullets and hens drink two gallons from both pens, and the wild things empty their bucket every night.  I hope we got enough rain over the winter to sustain the ground water in our wells or we'll be in a world of hurt.  For that, there is no help as we learned last summer.

My panacea for dealing with soaring temperatures is sleep.  I nap a lot in summertime, when I'm not watering, that is.  Bess has slipped back in to her needy phase again, once more demanding to be in my lap when I sit.  These are not the days when I need a "hot dog" on my legs, but I can't bear the look in her eyes if I say no.  There is such a thing as too much togetherness, but try to explain that to a dog.

"Ain't no cure for the summertime blues" (Eddie Cochran, 1958).  Yes, there is.  It's called air conditioning!  When I win the lottery, that's the first thing I'm going to get.  Guess I'd better buy a ticket one of these days.


Kathryn Williams said...

Can you and Bess start napping on the bed in your bedroom where there is a little air conditioner??? One hot dog gets her own spot and one hot lady gets hers? I know - napping in a recliner is just so cozy and well...non-official-napping but....

Hope Beau is able to come thru!!!

Emmy Abrahams said...

Out before seven to water th main garden spot..and thinking I must pick squash and give them a day is all I can eat..why did I plant so many ?
Sunflowers about to open...always a delight.

Don't you dare lift those have feed bags out of your truck ! Even the mailman might help if Beau doesn't appear.