Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sleepytime Gal

Took a nap.  Took another nap.  Threw in one more just for good measure.  "Sleepytime Gal" (1925 song, 1942 movie), that was me.  In between, Bess and I sat in the shade on the deck.  I'm tellin' ya, it was a busy day.

Beau had concerns about Tessie.  He felt she was acting "funny" on the stand, so I went down to the barn with him to see what was what with my girl.  Turned out she'd evidently lain on a sticker or some such and had a small puncture on one teat (ouch!).  I put some medication on and showed him how to do it on his own.  More good experience for when his goats are ready.  It was reassuring that he has good instincts, realizing that something was wrong and asking questions rather than ignoring a possible problem.

The big hens are also on sabbatical.  I haven't picked up an egg in days.  This happens every year, but it's disappointing, just the same.  No eggs for sale and darned few for the refrigerator.  Since I'm not being very productive either, there's not much I can say to them.

The pullets are finally getting with the program and trooping into the coop at sundown.  However, if I try to put them to bed too early, they scatter like pinballs.  Bess does her best to herd from outside the chainlink fence when the little kids squeeze behind the Taj, but I'm not sure how much help that is.

No nap for me today; I've got an appointment in town.

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