Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Silver Linings

On many mornings as I start to milk, I hear Don Williams singing "Lord, I Hope Today Is Good" (1982).  Mainly I'm hoping that the milking goes easy; that Inga's teats are manageable, that Sheila doesn't put her foot in the bucket, and that Tessie doesn't plug up as she's prone to do.  Yesterday it actually did go well, but I had reason to hope that the day would still hold good things.

They say every dark cloud has a silver lining, and that was true for my cancer cloud after meeting with my oncologist.  I like that man so much; he took an hour to explain my particular type of cancer and possible courses of treatment.  Best of all, he listened to me.  Yes, I will need radiation treatments and yes, anti-estrogen therapy, but no, I will not require chemotherapy.  I'll be meeting with the radiologist in another week or so (aarrgh, another trip down the hill - and more in the future).

On my return home, I got a text from Pete saying he enjoyed reading about the furry farm thugs.  He then went off on a riff about doo-rags or long black-leather coats and Edward G. Robinson voices and pretty soon I was rolling on the floor laughing.  My Kids are the shining silver lining to my life.

One dark cloud sprang up in the evening and I've yet to see the bright side.  The repair shop where I'd sent Fu Manchu and the rolling weed-eater went up in flames and as far as I can tell from the photos, nothing was saved.  The shop is on the edge of the forest and luckily the fire fighters were able to stop the blaze before it went far into the trees.

Things are just things.  All in all, I'd say it was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh, dear, death to Fu is not good, but I'm hoping there is insurance money...but if it is mom and pop, who knows. Anyway, yippee skippy for no chemo!!! Sorry for the drives down the hill, be we gotta do what we gotta do!! Godspeed again...and always! Oh BTW, Don Williams was my uncle's name...not Donald...just Don! Not the singer!