Thursday, June 2, 2016

New Member

A new member joined the Breakfast Club yesterday, interested only in self-serve.  I first noticed him perusing the menu over by the grain pile and was very glad I did because I could see from the shape of his head that it wasn't a rattlesnake (whew).  Not that I was particularly happy because, although I fully understand the food chain, I didn't want to think of one of my little morning companions being the main course.  One evidently nearsighted mouse came over for a bite of cereal and Snake made a strike but missed, probably because I was banging on the stand (whew).  Snake moved off and I thought he'd left the barn.  No, there he was sulking behind the rake, rethinking his plan.  That's all one snake curled up.
I almost stepped on him twice while changing out the girls.  I'm talking big snake here.  He stretched nearly wall to wall as he moved over to easier pickings in the burrow on the other side of the room and it took three shots to get a full picture.  Head.

And that was the last I saw before he ducked below ground.  I could only hope for the best for my little buddies.  Believe me, I did watch where my feet were all morning long.  This "come one, come all" is going a bit too far.

I have been to town more in the past month or so than probably in the whole year before.  Yesterday's trip was, however, pure luxury.  I took advantage of the Kids' birthday gift and had a massage.  Ahhh!

Beau, the new member of the Milking Team, will be here this morning for orientation.  He's in for, well, let's just say he's in for it.  I just hope he's up for it, too.

It was quite a day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Holyfrickenmoly...Mr. Snake is unbelievably long!! And Ahhhhh for SURE on the massage! Yay!