Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hitches In The Git-Along

Seven a.m.  "I'm really not feeling well today."  I had planned on a full week off, but when Beau called in sick, there was nothing for it but to get down to the barn and milk goats yesterday.  Didn't have any real problems and it felt good to be back in harness.  I'd missed my girls.  I did not, however, clean the stalls because I was afraid the raking motion might strain my stitches.  It just wasn't the way I'd planned to start my day.

Fu Manchu sprang a leak in a rear tire.  The way the tractor is built, the wheels are set on in such a way that they won't come off, so the nice people at the repair shop will pick him today and fix said tire, as well as give him a well-baby checkup.  It's not exactly a two-fer, but I'm sending the suddenly defunct rolling weed-eater along with Fu.  Fixer Guy said he could get it running, too.  Hadn't planned on a repair bill, either.

Shortly before I was to leave the house, the doctor's office called.  Doctor had an emergency surgery and I was rescheduled for Thursday.  Oh well.

I'm the victim of a home invasion.  I'd noticed the cats watching intently out the front screen door, their heads going back and forth.  Wondering what the heck they were seeing, I got up to look.  I'd known the ground squirrels had a burrow right under the front porch for awhile (someday I expect the whole house to drop two feet because of all the holes).  There at the edge of and right on the porch were, I counted five, little baby squirrels.  It seems that closest burrow is a delivery room and nursery.  I can't say I'm happy with my new neighbors, but ohmigosh are they ever cute and also fearless.  One came right up on the step to the front door.  No, I'm not going to invite them in for tea and crumpets.

Okay, so the day went cattywhampus, but it was a good day just the same.  (I hope Beau had a quick recovery.)

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