Monday, June 13, 2016

Little Words

Two little words.  "Thank you."  It's hard to convey just how much can be behind those two little words when they come from the heart; one can only hope.  I owe so much to so many.  I'm not going to get sappy about this, but some things just need to be said.  Extended family, friends, people I've never met have sent or called with caring and good wishes that mean so much to me.  My Kids, who mean more to me than life itself have had my back always.  "Thank you" doesn't seem enough.

Deb and Craig stayed over another night and then worked themselves into the ground yesterday.  More weed whacking and trimming the young live oaks springing up along the driveway and threatening to take down the board fence.  How can I say thank you for all they have done?

They offered to stay longer if needed, but I'm honestly pain free and past the point of any medication.  (Yeah, I'm surprised, too.)  I don't know what will come next in this journey with cancer, but their kindness is like money in the bank and I don't want to overdraw my account.

I haven't had a day off or a vacation in over 12 years, so I'm taking full advantage of this week of leisure time to do a lot of nothing.  Beau is handling the goat situation well.  Putting the kids to bed is a piece of cake and no problem for me.

As always, when Deb and Craig drove down the driveway, we called, "Love you!"  Just two little words.

Damn, life is good!

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Emmy Abrahams said...

What a wonderful upbeat blog
So glad to hear you are doing well
Take advantage of time off....and enjoy it