Friday, June 24, 2016

Knights On White Horses

Long gone are the days when knights rode white horses, now they drive up in SUVs as Beau did yesterday.  He had his kids in the car and he stopped by on his way to take those smiling faces to the river to cool off.  He not only offloaded the grain, he emptied the bags into the barrels and trundled the salt block down to the pen for me.  The kids proudly showed me their life jackets, all chattering away like magpies.  Hopefully I will not have to ask for help again, at least not soon.  I'd also like to thank Linda for her kind offer to send an employee down to move the bags.  (Emmy, our mailman is a mail-lady and our mail is not delivered to our homes.  Our mailboxes are down at the "big road," which means it is paved, potholed yes, but a paved two-lane road.  I don't think she'd be much help, but it was a good idea.)

Ralph seems to have an identity crisis.  He runs ahead of me down the hall and then throws himself on the floor, belly up for a tummy rub like a dog.  What's up with that?  His sister Celeste just looks at him.

The chickens had better start earning their keep or I'm going to be singing the Colonel Sanders song.  I haven't picked up an egg in nearly two weeks.  Right now they're a bunch of lazy lay-abouts on the dole.  The pullets aren't old enough to produce yet.  With twenty chickens in the yard, I'm going to be ticked off if I have to buy eggs from Camille.

Hahaha, Kit.  An "unofficial nap" in the recliner is the order of the day.  If I went to the bedroom, that would be an official admission of laziness, which I am not prepared to make.  Falling asleep in the chair, even with Bess Anne, is "just one of those things."  I'm good at doing just one of those things.

My satellite provider got into a price war with one of our local channels and the local channel pulled its transmission.  Calls to both resulted in the provider sending me some sort of device that will bring in stations from the air (don't ask me how these things work; I've never figures out electricity).  The little black box arrived yesterday afternoon, complete with wires to this and that and the most incomplete set of instructions ever.  I'm big on reading and following directions, but when it says to attach this wire to the "video in" plug and there is no "video in" on the television, I'm dead in the water.  The help line provided is on Eastern time, which is no help at all to those of us in the West.  I will be making more calls today, hoping to find another knight on the other end.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh I truly, truly hear you about official and unofficial naps...and I agree! And I guess we lost our local Fox affiliate (not the Fox News variety, but the one that shows "Bones" and has local news at 10:00 instead of 11:00)...let's see how long it takes DISH to settle the negotiations war! Glad you have some knights in your wheelhouse!