Friday, October 21, 2016

Fait Accompli

The deed is done!  Hooves on all five goats are trimmed, neat and tidy.  The girls were dancing on air on a bright, sunny day and I went back to the house to rest my back.  That chore won't need to be done again for a couple of months.

Ran a couple of errands, sat outside with Bess for awhile, and invited Arden over for a drink in the afternoon.  (The house was dusted and I hated to waste it.)  Talked to Camille and since she was going to be out and about, invited her over, too.  In the meantime, I got an idea for dinner and started throwing things in the pot.  It turned out to be a creamy, spicy chicken stew of sorts that was ready about the time the ladies came in and I was so glad they agreed to stay for an impromptu dinner.  After all this time alone, I still have trouble cooking a "little" of anything for one.  The ladies saved me from a week's worth of leftovers.

I'm a little concerned about one of the chickens.  It is the same breed as BF Betty, but has a much larger comb which normally indicates a rooster.  Betty has continued to ask to be picked up and carried for a bit, but this other questionable-gender bird has started that same behavior, stopping in front of my feet, but squatting down with wings akimbo in a rather obvious sexual advance and surrender.  He/she/it becomes pretty demanding, pecking at my shoes if I don't comply.  Like Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction," said bird says, "I will not be ignored!"  I don't know if this chicken is a jealous female or a confused male who has fallen in love with the wrong species.  If I'm not holding Betty or a handful of eggs, I pick up HSI and listen to its soft clucking, almost a purr.  I'd give him/her a name if I knew which way to go.  Maybe something like Billie or Tommie, non-gender specific in case I guess wrong.  In the meantime, I just enjoy Chicken's company regardless.

It was a good day.