Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Resident Nutter

I've tried so hard for several days to get a photo of Ralph, the resident nutter, as he amuses himself at his newest game(s).  I've heard "thump, thump, thump" going down the stairwell.  Ralph isn't exactly quiet, but this was different.  I discovered that Ralph has found a way to carry a tennis ball to the top of the stairs and then push it over to let it bounce down so he can chase it.  Pretty ingenious, I'd say.  With a basket of toys, some of which he does use, his favorites are pull-strips from packages, etc.  The floor is littered with these remnants that he bats around and chases.  Once in awhile Celeste will wander over and give one a pat, but she can't see the fascination.  The best, however, in my opinion is his latest version of hide-and-seek.  "Brrupp, brrupp, brrupp," Ralph is chuckling to himself, and I look over to see movement on/under the slipcover on the big couch.  It's not new that he hides under the dust ruffle to spring out and surprise Celeste, but he's found that he can work his way under the slipcover up onto the seat and really hide.  It's Ralph's cat cave.  Even if I'd been able to catch a picture, that lump on the couch would need an explanation.  Woe to the guest who sits down without looking for lumps.  What a nutter.

No rain yesterday, but overcast and cold.  From the high 80s of a few days ago, it was in the 40s and mid 50s all day long.  Definitely a morning for hot cider instead of a cold beer after barn chores.  Turtleneck and jacket yesterday instead of a tank top.  I went around closing windows and trying to stay warm.  My milk customer gave me a funny look when I opened the door with that pig neck warmer Dave gave me around my neck.  Sometimes it's more fun just to let 'em guess than try to explain.

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