Friday, October 28, 2016

She Did It Again

Nature obviously has it out for weathermen, too.  I realize that forecasting weather is not an exact science, but my weather guy was so confident that the rain would hold off until afternoon yesterday that I believed him and made plans accordingly.  Went out in a light jacket and no hat to let the chickens out and trundle a bag of goat chow down to the barn.  Silly me.  With her exquisite timing, Nature started spitting on me on the way and by the time I was ready to bring the girls to the milking room she opened up and poured.  Rain thundered on the roof the whole time I was in the barn.  Rain throws our well-rehearsed routine into chaos.  Esther and Tessie refuse to step outside and so stay in their room until I let them in one at a time through the connecting door for breakfast and then I push them out.  They put their heads down and make a dash for the covered play yard.  Poor Cindy is the omega in the herd and she sometimes has to go around to the other little shed alone because the others are mean to her.  I was soaked by the time I got back to the house.

It rained all day long, through the night, and it's still raining.  Evidently the old girl wasn't satisfied with how wet I got yesterday and is going to take another shot today.  This hasn't been a cold storm, but if Nature doesn't give us a break I may have to light a fire in the wood stove just to take the dampness out of the air.

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Kathryn Williams said...

And here we sit, just 500 miles away...parched! 'Taint quite fair, is it??? Hope you get warm and dry!!