Friday, October 14, 2016

I Tried

The predicted midnight rain is behind schedule this morning; it's still dry outside..  Yesterday was spent trying to be proactive.  After that totally embarrassing start, calling my neighbor at 4:30 a.m., I needed to do something to renew my self-esteem.

I'd received a call from an inspector for the new home insurance company I've been assigned.  That is a whole saga in itself and the thought of losing insurance had me in a panic, but that's another story for another day.  Anyhow, the gentleman had explained it was an outside inspection only and that he was, by law, not allowed to step inside nor accept so much as a glass of water, as that could be interpreted as a bribe.  I didn't need to be present, but I preferred to be here and so we made a date for yesterday morning.  Insurance Guy and his little pug dog, Bruno, drove up.  "I understand I'm permitted to give you nothing, so here you go," and I handed him an empty coffee cup.  Thankfully, he laughed.  "If you want seconds, just ask.  I've got plenty of nothing," I said.  Bessie went to say hello to Bruno, who was still in the car.  When I told IG that he could let Bruno out if he wouldn't run off, that cocky little dog with a big-guy attitude jumped down to greet Bess and run around leaving his mark everywhere.  Bruno was not under the same restrictions as IG, so I went in to get a few milk bones to share.  When I opened the front door, Bruno trotted right along to supervise.  IG did his thing and I held my breath for the results.  We passed with flying colors!  He even said the place is in great shape.  Whew.  When IG was ready to leave, he told his dog to get in the car.  "No, Dad, that's okay.  I think I'll stay right here.  The nice lady gives me cookies and I like her girl," and Bruno stood in the walkway and wouldn't go.  IG finally had to pick him up and deposit him on the seat.  IG left as he came, laughing.

Discovering that I was not yet on the schedule for alfalfa, Bess and I went down to Mt. Aukum for a gas fill-up on the truck and grain (and Bessie's two cookies).  I needed to get the feed down to the barn before the rain came.  I also was reminded that I desperately needed to get the new windshield wipers installed.  They've been behind the seat for months.  There is a small auto shop by the store and I decided it would be worth it to have somebody else put the wipers on.  The shop was closed.  Okay, I can do this.  No, I couldn't.  I tried and tried to figure out how to get the old ones off.  In desperation, I put in a call to, you guessed it, Beau.  He didn't pick up and I couldn't blame him, but I left a message anyhow.  Giving it the old college try one more time, I successfully removed the shredded wipers and put on the new ones.  So easy once I learned how.  Quickly putting in a "disregard all messages from the crazy lady" call to Beau, it was time to make a run to the grocery store to stock up on supplies before the storm.

All missions were accomplished.  It was a good day.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Sounds like you have indeed had a busy couple of days - and successful ones at that. Sounds like you need a day off - enjoy!!