Monday, October 24, 2016

Some Plans...

There are those days when the best laid plans go astray.  I got slammed early on with what, for lack of a better term, I call my "bad days" when leg pain is severe and barn painting was out of the question.  I had to call Cam and beg off, but told her I'd be near the phone and to please follow Plan B to keep in touch when she was using the ladder.  Back up from the barn, I waited to hear.  And waited.  Worried, I called her, hoping she wasn't face down among her chickens.  Turned out that her plans had also gone awry and painting was not going to happen yesterday.  Some days are like that.

On the bright side, my grandson Jake completed his training as an Airborne Mission Systems Operator at Lackland AFB, Texas.  Not only that, Jake took top honors in his class.  It is so nice to see someone's plans fulfilled.  I am very, very proud.

The rain began last night and once again brought out the rain beetles.  Attracted to the lights, their tapping at windows and screens freaked out the cats and, I'll admit, startled me until I realized the source of those sounds out there in the dark.

I have no plans for today.  Just as well.

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