Thursday, October 27, 2016

Outside In

 Celeste was totally fixated on the curtain (somewhat in disarray because it's Ralph's favorite hide-and-go-seek curtain) yesterday morning.  She crept closer and closer, finally darting forward to pounce.  Whatever was playing It in this game was pretty good.  Celeste looked behind the curtain and in the corner, batting here and there.  Ralph got interested and came to help his sister.  What in the world could It be?  Obviously another uninvited guest.  After a quick tussle, Celeste ran by with something small, dark, and limp in her mouth, headed for the dining room.  Not sure I really wanted to know, I followed.  It was a very small lizard who had come to the wrong house.  Celeste guarded her trophy from me and took it back to the living room.  She played with the carcass, as did Ralph, and even Bessie joined in.  They finally tired of this new toy and all went to take a nap.  Imagine my surprise when, after lying belly up and still for the longest time, Lizard moved, trying to turn over!  Oh, good grief!  Hoping it hadn't been mangled, I picked it up and headed out to the deck.
Opening the door, I glanced down and thought my mind was playing tricks.  One small lizard in my hand, yes, but there in the corner was its twin.  It was a home invasion!  I put Lizard #1 outside and went back for Lizard #2 (in the photo).

Having raised three boys in the hills of Chino, I learned early on to check pockets before putting their pants in the washer, and to exclaim with pride when they showed me their latest catch(es).  As I remember, they even had a place they called Lizard Valley where the hunting was best.  You don't want to know what else they'd bring home.  A mother of sons knows never to show fear.
The day ended as it had begun, with Celeste hoping for a rerun of the morning's adventure and staring at the curtain.

Yes, the pig is still dressed in a Santa suit and that is a bag of unclaimed Christmas presents on the floor.  Late for one year, early for the next.  Like Celeste, I never give up hope.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Fun story. I guess your Lizard Totems are coming right to you instead of waiting for you to sit on the rock and have them come to you!!