Sunday, October 2, 2016

Try To Keep Up

Zero to sixty in no time flat!  It's hard to keep up with the quick-change weather these days.  Blistering hot one day and then socks on in bed the next.  A suddenly cool morning brings out a crazy reaction in the goats.  Normally they are pretty placid while waiting for their turn on the stand, but a quick snap and they are running and chasing each other like little kids let out for recess.

Yesterday I saw the tiniest mouse baby ever.  It's whole body was smaller than an adult's head.  Mini-Mouse was lapping at a puddle of milk on the ground (guess I over-sprayed the wipe).  I'm wondering if it had just emerged from the nest and missed it's mama.  It literally toddled away when it was full.  Unbelievably cute.

In accordance with the weather, acorns are dropping like bombs on shed roofs (or rooves, take your pick) as well as the truck and dry leaves are piling up on the deck again.  It's time to start thinking about wrapping the pipes for winter.  Golly, how time flies.

Why is it that even after I know I've drunk the last sip of coffee I always look to see if there is just one more in the mug?  I do it every day.  I don't want another cup, just one more sip.  Sigh.

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