Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ha Ha!

I was ready for the old girl and her tricks yesterday.  Nature thought she'd get me again by stopping the rain before I had to go the barn, but I'm on to her sneaky ways by now and dressed for the worst.  Even the goats were better prepared and dealt with the rainy-day program much better.  That's not to say they liked it, but coped, just the same.  Nature threw a hissy fit and poured water from the sky while I milked, but the girls dashed through the rain to shelter when let out and barely got wet.  Her tantrum was almost over by the time I was done and headed back to the house.  She got some satisfaction from my soaked jacket and cap, but I'm sure it wasn't as much as she'd hoped for.  Ha ha!

Her timing was off because I did have to make a run up to the grocery store in the afternoon.  I made it to the truck during a break in the rain.  She caught me on the road and gave the windshield wipers a workout, but missed my going in and coming out of the store, and looked the other way while I brought bags of groceries into the house.  Maybe she was getting tired of the game.

Yes, living up here we have a very personal relationship with Nature.  As with any member of a family, sometimes we get along, sometimes not s'much.  She has a definite influence on our lives.

It was a good day.

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