Monday, October 10, 2016


Okay, I got a few piddly chores crossed off the list yesterday but not the full-court press I'd hoped for.  Weather had delayed the Saturday NASCAR Sprint Cup race until Sunday and so, of course, everything came to a screeching halt when that came on.  I love game days because I'm almost guaranteed contact with most of my Kids.  Deb and Craig keep me advised of race times and channels, and we root for each other's drivers.  Congratulations or sympathies are also shared with Clay and Dave and yesterday their guys did very well.  I can't wait until Clint Bowyer changes teams next year when I'm hoping he'll be given a car worthy of his talent.  Now that football season is upon us, I try to catch any Steelers game for Steve and Clay and every Vikings game for Dave and myself.  Both of those teams, by the way, are going like gangbusters this season and many "Woohoo!" and "Way to go!" flooded the text world yesterday.

An early dinner of leftovers seemed like a good idea before tackling the list again.  I'd no more than put the fork down when Cam and Honey arrived.  We sat out on the deck to talk while Honey and Bessie checked out the yards, and then the second round of presidential debates came on and, for us, that was a must see.  The dogs were tired and wanted to sleep, but I fear our loud cheers or hoots kept them awake.  Camille and I are of different political parties, but we are united in our passions for the candidate we feel is the lesser of the evils offered in this election.

I'm going to try not to get sidetracked today.  My list awaits.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Well it seems that it was vital that you get was Sunday Funday, after all. And I had a friend who posted an after-debate picture of her TV and the floor below. Seems that she and hubby, who do share the same politics, threw nerf balls at the TV screen as a means of blowing off steam.