Saturday, December 24, 2016

Cry Wolf.

I don't know whether I'm coming or going, which way is up, and whether Christmas is off or on.  After days of dire warnings regarding the weather, we got rain.  Rain and wind in the morning, just rain all day.  Certainly not the deluge predicted.  Cold, yes, it was cold and Stove struggled to keep up, but after putting out the word to the Kids and waiting for the five or six hours of snow down to 2,000 feet last night as predicted, nothing.  It has even quit raining this morning.  Bess went out at o'dark-thirty and came in dry, not even wet feet.  Nature is having a big laugh at my expense for sure.  My Kids may lose faith in me after being such an alarmist.  I know, however, if I'd said nothing the Old Girl would have sent down rain and sleet and snow that not even the postman would have braved.  The boys will have a good time car-pooling with Clay regardless, but I'm waiting for an acceptable hour to call Deb and Craig to see if they want to change plans again and come up today after all.  Local news doesn't come on until seven and I want to see how the weatherman is going to explain this gaffe.  I don't wish to cry wolf again.

"If you snooze, you lose" applied to me last night.  As is my habit, I fell asleep in the chair for a nap before bedtime.  I was horrified to wake at midnight as I still had to de-bone and cube a seven-pound pork butt and get chili verde made and in the oven to slow cook overnight (not a lot of "overnight" left).  Bessie Anne doesn't see well anymore, but she is definitely the watchdog on timing and she told me in no uncertain terms that I should not be fooling around in the kitchen and we must go to bed now.  I and the house kids made our way down the hall about 3 a.m.  Ralph must have been really cold because I'd no more than got into bed than he crawled into the cat cave under the covers to snuggle.

With just enough light to see, the sky is completely clear this morning.  Oh well, Merry Christmas one and all!


Emmy Abrahams said...

Happy for no rain today,
Weatherman wrong, which is okay with me.
Hope your day goes well, with or without family.
It's a joyous time of year...for those particularly under five...
Have a good one...and don't stress too much.

Kathryn Williams said...

Wow, in bed at 3 a.m. and up and some ungodly hour! Crossing my fingers that it all works for you! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE.