Saturday, December 10, 2016

Playing With Fire

The goats were giving me what-for even before I got to the barn.  Need I say I was late again?  Stove was being cranky and no matter how I adjusted vents, emptied the ash tray, or shoved in wood, I couldn't get the blasted thing to fire up and stay lit.  The problem is that once the process has started, Stove can't be left on his own until he's up and going, hence my tardiness in feeding, etc.

Bess was walking a fine line yesterday, too.  She didn't want to go out with me on another misty morning, but did ask later on.  She was outside quite a long time and I'd begun to worry about her.  When she came to the door, she had her head down and I did not see that she had a deer bone in her mouth when I let her in.  Bones in the house are verboten, and she knows this.  It wasn't until I heard her snarl and snap at Ralph, who evidently got too close to her trophy that I saw what she had snuck in with.  Of course, she was reprimanded for 1) bringing in the dirty old bone, and 2) being mean to Ralph.  I took the offending object away and threw it outside.  Bessie Anne was not happy.

Since it wasn't raining in the early afternoon, I took advantage to go to the grocery store, carefully banking the fire before leaving.  What was to have been a quick in-and-out shopping trip turned into an ordeal when I found that the store was busy rearranging aisles, shelves, and locations.  I had to ask for directions several times for several items on my list, and was amused to find that "adult libations" had been moved to a special, hidden corner, but still right next to what I guess are acceptable children's drinks.  Go figure.  California has put a ban on single-use plastic bags, so one either has to bring a supply from home or pay extra for paper bags at the store.  It's a pain in the patoot to have to remember and, since I never know how many I'll need, I take in a large bag full of smaller bags.  Fortunately, I'll admit I'm a bag hoarder and have a lifetime supply at home.

Back home, after I'd brought in the groceries (saving the bags for future use), Bessie asked to go out again.  Don't you know that little sneak found and brought the bone back in?  I took it away and threw it out again.  Like a pouting child, she gave me dirty looks and mumbled under her breath and wouldn't come lie close to me for the rest of the evening.  Deal with it, girlfriend.

Oh, Camille called yesterday to say that a neighbor had taken a look at her pellet stove and discovered a hidden loose electrical plug.  What a time-saving, money-saving relief!

We're predicted to get about three inches of rain today, fulfilling the promise of the clouds at sundown last evening.  This morning, the wind is howling and rain is beating against the windows.  By next weekend, we're on the books for several days of snow.  Along about 5, Bess asked to go out.  In this weather I thought it would be a quick trip.  It took a little longer than I'd expected.  She came back wet and...with the bone.  Oh, no, my girl.  We're done with that game.  The bone is in the trash.  You've played with fire one too many times.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Wow, I guess "a dog with a bone" is no joke! And in Encinitas we have been taking our own bags into grocery stores for a long time now and I'm getting better at remembering to take them into Trader Joe's - my main market - but yesterday I went to Kohl's for the first time in a long time and really didn't realize it pertained to them too. So out I walked with underwear in full view - but at least it was clean and new!