Tuesday, December 20, 2016

That's Ama-a-azing!

I kept hearing Huell Howser's enthusiastic catch phrase in my head yesterday.  Zipping around with the carpet sweeper just wasn't cutting it, so I decided to call the vacuum cleaner company helpline again.  "Please hold.  Someone will be with you shortly."  I listened to one of Beethoven's Concertos on an endless loop.  Sitting with the defunct vacuum cleaner between my knees and nothing else to think about, along about Big B's fifth rerun, I started really looking at the fitting of hoses, etc.  There had to be a way to detach the fershlugging parts.  Aha!  I wondered what that tiny, previously overlooked latch did, pushed it, and ta da!  Flushed with success, I found another latch, and then another!  After exactly 24 minutes and 14 seconds on hold, with two very clogged hoses in hand I hung up on Beethoven and took the hoses outside to unclog them.  It's amazing what a little time and a lot of desperation can accomplish.  Even better, I got all the parts back together in working order again.

Inga was back on the lead rope again yesterday and morning barn chores were uneventful.

In the afternoon, Propane Guy drove up.  Like an expensive genie, along about the time I start thinking, "I hope he doesn't come soon.  I don't need that bill right now," he magically appears.  It's as if the thought alone conjures him.  Amazing.  Bessie Anne sat waiting on the porch, her tail wagging like a metronome.  I surreptitiously slipped PG a milk bone to give to her.  She thinks all deliverymen bring her cookies, and she waits patiently without barking for her treat.

Probably the most amazing event of the day was that I knocked two more time-consuming items off the Christmas To-Do list, three if you count putting the Santa outfit on the ceramic goose by the door.

It was a good day.

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Kathryn said...

CONGRATS all the way around!!!