Thursday, December 22, 2016

It Is What It Is

The clouds at sunrise yesterday were beautiful, but rather ominous and they reinforced my worries about the weekend.  The sun came out while I was in the barn and the girls basked in the warmth, bedded down in the grass and chewing their cud.

Diva came for her morning slurp.  She's such a regular that now I can identify her by sight.  Her coat is piebald, with tan spots on head and shoulders, unusual for a mouse.  There are a couple of newbies in the colony, youngsters who have to work up their courage before dashing out to grab a tidbit on the run.  It takes a couple of false starts before they'll take a chance.  I try not to make eye contact with them as that sends them right back into their hole.

Speaking of coats, the girls have got their thick winter gear on.  I have a feeling they're going to need it.

Expecting the worst, Bess and I made a trip to Mt. Aukum to restock goat chow and chicken scratch.  Before Thing started raiding the feed room, I could buy three bags of chow at a time and life was easier.  I don't mind feeding creatures, but I prefer to do it on my terms.

I'd fretted all morning and finally put out a text to the NorCal Kids, offering to postpone Christmas because of the weather.  Deb and Craig decided they'll come up after New Year's and I certainly don't blame them.  It's an hour and a half trip from their house, not fun in the rain and especially not in snow.  Larry's tires are getting worn and my driveway is steep on a good day.  It would be a slip-and-slide when it's icy.  Clay drove a big semi rig for years, going up to Redding and over the mountains to Reno in winter, so he offered to have Larry and Dave carpool with him (Good Son points, for sure).  So, once again, our holiday will be piecemeal and extended.  It is what it is.  It is Christmas for me and cause for celebration whenever my Kids come up.

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Kathryn Williams said...

Well that is bittersweet - not the whole gang at once...but yay for Clay and yay that you get SOME Christmas on Christmas. We are on a partial delay too and you are is what it is...and it doesn't pay to fight too hard against Mother Nature.