Thursday, December 29, 2016

What Was That?

I didn't mention the earthquake of night before last because until I saw notices on FB, I really wasn't sure what the heck had wakened me.  I'd heard what could best be described as "chittering," and the cats took off like bats.  What was that?!  It lasted a short while then stopped.  The cats came back and I rolled over.  Then it began again and we did a rerun.  I'll tell you what it sounded like and it sounded like mice or ground squirrels had somehow gotten into the walls and were chewing their way out, and I wasn't sure the cats hadn't gone to investigate.  Well, that wasn't anything I could deal with in the middle of the night (and didn't want to face in the morning, either).  The second time was shorter, and the third was shorter still and then stopped and we all went back to sleep.  It was almost a relief to find out that something in the room had been reverberating with the temblors and I wouldn't have to call an exterminator.  The quakes had originated over in Nevada in a sparsely populated area and evidently did no damage anywhere.

Esther had a good day yesterday and ate a pretty good breakfast for a change.  Unfortunately, I saw neither hide nor hair of Diva.

It's well known that I have an affinity for pigs.  I haven't seen the movie "Babe" (1995, James Cromwell) for a long time, but succumbed yesterday.  I'd forgotten just how good it was.  In case you've forgotten the secret password, it's Baa-ram-ewe.  It could come in handy if you need a sheep's cooperation.

The day was quite warm, relatively speaking, and a good time to bring more wood up to the porch.  The goats lazed in the sun and the chickens happily spent time outside, scratching and quietly gossiping.

It was a good day.

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