Tuesday, December 13, 2016

I Lost The Race

Darn goats!  Goats are notorious cribbers, chewing on fence rails, barn walls, and the pressed-wood winter covers for the window opening.  They have no upper front teeth and one would think they'd get a mouthful of splinters, but that doesn't stop them.  I was racing through chores yesterday and discovered that they'd pulled one cover completely off.  Fortunately, it had just happened but I had to take the time to put it back up (I keep a hammer in the barn for such occasions).  If they'd done it during the day, I'd have had to make repairs in the cold and dark.  For all the gloom of early morning, the day turned warm and beautiful, but the nights get cold and the storm coming is predicted to be a doozy, 4-8 inches of rain.  Fixing the window used up the time to bring up firewood to the porch.  Crum.

The doctor's office was busy and the wait was longer than usual.  I got a good report and won't have to go back for six months (yay!).  With sundown coming so early, there was barely enough time to do some, but not all, of the errands I'd planned in town.  Getting feed was mandatory, so I made the loop down to Mt. Aukum, getting home just before dark.  Not sure when the rain would hit, waiting until morning to trundle the bag to the barn was not an option.  No daylight left, so no firewood last night.

I was racing all day, but I didn't win.

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Kathryn Williams said...

You may not have won on the chores front, but you sure won on the "Doc-Good-News" front! Yay!!