Monday, December 12, 2016


After the cold, wet days of late, sunrise yesterday morning in a field of blue was a delightful surprise.  I realize I have an obsession with the sky up here, but what I see is too beautiful not to share.  Even grey days when mist drifts through the hills have a charm all their own, especially when Stove is cooperating..  I don't have the camera skills to capture the intensity of a storm when the trees, especially the pines, bow down and branches with lingering leaves blow in one direction, and there is no way to picture the sound of the wind and pounding rain.

The thermometer is on a roller-coaster ride, up (a little) and then down (a lot).  My weather app can't keep up.  It will show snow in the forecast and then it changes.  It shows an optimistic 45 degrees this morning while my on-site thermometer declares 40.  Snow is again predicted for Friday, with a high of 41 (woohoo!).  I've got a follow-up doctor's appointment today (hard to believe it's been six months since surgery) and will try to take care of as many errands as time will allow while in town.  Before I leave, however, I need to restock the wood rack.  App says it will rain again tomorrows and I'm nearly out of goat chow.  It doesn't do to bring soggy feed home in the back of the pickup, and it's not kind to ask the guys to load it when it's pouring rain.

I'm not the only one with an obsession.  Diva comes out every morning to check the shovel for her milk fix.  How does she know to wait until Sheila, always second in line, is on the stand?  Sheila is the only girl with directional teats.  Inga's are too small and Tessie's orifices are too tight to get a good distance squirt.  Let the first stream from Sheila hit the bucket and Diva appears like magic.  Go figure.

No sunrise yet, but from what little I can see it looks like another overcast day ahead.  Things to do, places to go, weather notwithstanding.

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Kathryn Williams said...

I, for one, so appreciate your sunrises and sunsets. I'm up before the sun 3 days a week but am probably in the shower when the light hits, and my position is not one where I can see much of the THANK YOU!