Saturday, July 1, 2017

All Clear

The view from Farview Farm is changing.  How I miss the symmetry of that old, old oak.  One can only hope what is left stays standing.  Beau came later in the morning and pretty much finished scraping weeds, moving the smaller leafy branches over into the south pasture to be burned next year, and piling the rounds of trunk that will need splitting for firewood.  That portion of the yard was all clear by afternoon.

The shadow falls in the wrong place to show the big section of fence that was broken out.  Fortunately, I don't need that pasture for animals so can take my time deciding whether to replace the fence, leave it as is, or take it down completely.

Did I not say yesterday that I need a handyman?  I certainly didn't expect an immediate answer to my wish, but it may just be granted.  Steve's old Ford tractor and implements have been sitting out in the yard for years.  To me, it's become part of the landscape, but it is such a waste for it to just sit there and die a slow death.  Beau asked yesterday if we might make a trade, bartering any work needed (not counting the tree) for the tractor.  Hmmm, sounds like a deal to me.

The sky was clear last evening, and that's not all.  There was a letter in the box informing me that my mammogram was benign, clear of all cancer.

It was a good day.

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Emmy Abrahams said...

What a wonderful letter to get...keep up the good news.

Summer days are here..that and too much squash...but quiet and safe.