Thursday, July 27, 2017

Too Close

The first call came about 2:30, "Can you see smoke?"  Oh, crum, there it was.  It's that nightmare season we all dread.  Cam's place is down in a cut and she has no view of the surrounding hills, so calls me if there's any hint of fire.  This one started on the south side of Omo Ranch Road, east of East-16, actually in Amador County, but quickly moving up into El Dorado County.  The wet winter led to the growth of heavy underbrush, giving fuel to any fire.

Cam continued to call for updates and I was continually going outside to check.  This shot was taken almost exactly an hour after the first.  By this time there were a number of big tanker planes and several helicopters with dump buckets tackling the blaze.  The breeze that we considered a blessing was working against the firefighters (bless 'em all), blowing east and northeast; in other words, our direction.  The local Facebook page was inundated with posts from frantic neighbors.  Roads were being closed and parents were desperate to get home to their children and animals.

Then began the mandatory evacuation orders.  Nearby rescue sites were set up for people and animals.  This community pulls together in an emergency.  Wanting my Kids to hear it from me first instead of on the news, I sent texts telling that we were okay and so far, so good.  This is the skyline about 5:30.

Beau and three of his kids came by.  He decided to start working toward getting my tractor and trimmed the big hedge in front of the house.  The kids used my wagon to haul branches out to the burn pile.  Then he did a major clean up with his leaf blower.  Hey, lookin' good here.

At 5:30 this morning, the Ranch Fire, as it's called, is at 154 acres, 15% contained, and so far no structures have burned.  Some roads are reopened and mandatory evacuations have been lifted, voluntary only.  Barely light now, and I see neither smoke nor blaze to the south.  There are conflicting emotions in a situation like this:  deep sorrow for those immediately affected, and overwhelming gratitude that we are not.  So far, so good.


Emmy Abrahams said...

Stay safe...thinking of you

And wondered yesterday when I saw listing of new blaze how close that was to you.

Kathryn Williams said...

I got the call yesterday from Tinka and my prayers were with you! Sounding good so far!