Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Plot Thickens

Now I'm scared.  The day before, I was ready to throw rocks at the squirrels.  They were coming at me like locusts.  I was geared up and ready to do battle again yesterday, and...nothing.  Not one of the gang showed a whisker or a paw.  No Percy, no Patience, nobody.  Where were they?  I fear they were all holding a council of war somewhere, plotting my downfall in a most unpleasant manner.  A mouse landing on my head was nothing, but I worry about an attack of the killer squirrels.  Milking went smoothly, the mice ate their breakfast unmolested, and I got the heck out of what had become a creepy barn.

Camille and Honey came for dinner last night.  We'd talked about putting it off until it got a little cooler, but I'd seen a recipe on TV that I really wanted to try.  I could taste the flavors in my mind and wanted to see if the dish was as good as I imagined.  It was a hot day, but that wasn't going to change soon and we had to eat anyhow, so we decided to go for it.  The ingredients were simple.  Prep was a little fussy, but easy.  The hard part was because the chef had not given any measurements and I had to guess at amounts.  I am so glad Cam is willing to be a guinea pig for my whims.  Chicken in Vinegar Sauce might sound strange, but ohmigosh, was it ever good!  Complex flavors with sweet caramelized carrots and onions complimenting the tender chicken and tartness of the sauce.  After the first tentative bite, we both dove in like starving wolves.  Cam urged me to keep watching cooking shows.

It was hard to decide which view was more beautiful last night.  The reverse sunset to the east was awesome, and the sun setting in the west was just as spectacular.

It was a fitting ending to a good day.

I'm a little concerned about what will happen in the barn this morning.  Hmmm.

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