Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sleepy Time Gal

(Song written by Glenn Miller, 1937)
I know I'm starting out behind the eight-ball if it's light out when I wake up and I'm going to end up in the corner pocket today.  Sigh.

Pete came up early yesterday and we did a do-over on hot dogs to celebrate the Fourth of July for real this time. (It made me think of a New Year's Eve party Steve and I threw years ago.  It fell in the middle of the week and all the partygoers had worked during the day and everyone was tired by 10 o'clock.  What the heck, if we can change dates to suit our needs, why not time?  I set the kitchen timer, we did the obligatory countdown to 'midnight,' yelled "Happy New Year," gave kisses all around, and celebrated with glasses of champagne.  It was so much fun we did it twice!)  It was well into the 90s yesterday, but thankfully the deltas had kicked in and it was comfortable out on the deck.  The look on Pete's face when a hummer did a fly-by less than four inches above his head was priceless.  How nice it is to have grown Kids with whom to discuss books, movies, politics, whatever.

Pete has become my techno-guru and I learn something new every time he visits.  He has cleared up problems with the WiFi and taught me new stuff on my cellphone (it seems it is a mini-computer and not just to talk and text with).  Don't laugh, but he kept referring to the 'home' button.  And what is the 'home' button?  Turns out it was what I thought of as the on-off button.  I didn't know it had a name.  It's a good thing he'd showed me because with one change or another, the phone asked me to hit 'home' to unlock and I'd have been in deep doodah without instruction.  Pete is of the opinion I should put a camera down in the barn.  He wants to see Percy getting squirted with milk and meet the mice tribes.  Yesterday he showed me how to get YouTube on the phone and see what films others had posted.  Who knew?

After Pete took off, Bess and I took the trash down to the big road and made a quick trip to Mt. Aukum for feed.  It cooled off in the evening and I took my before-bedtime nap, woke up and went to bed, and slept late this morning.

It was a good day.

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