Thursday, July 13, 2017

Jump Start

The last thing I expected yesterday morning was a mouse on my head, but I should know by now to anticipate the unexpected.  Evidently the Flying Wallendas have returned and one of that acrobatic, daredevil troupe was helping himself to breakfast.  Instead of waiting for a ride when I lift the grain bucket down from its nail (it's not unusual to find a mouse or two in there in the morning), this one took a flying leap, used my head for a landing site, and then jumped down to the milking stand.  Well, that's one way to start the day.

Somebody threw away two perfectly good cats, just threw 'em down and left.  The most exercise Ralph and Celeste get on a hot day is moving from one spot to another, and Bessie does the same.  I understand completely.

I might have had a jump start, but my battery was dead again by nightfall.

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