Sunday, July 9, 2017

Another Phase

Haven't seen an ant in several days, so it seems that Fate is sending me another irritating phase of life where things electrical go kerflooey.  Hot as a baked potato and dripping wet from the hose after coming up from the barn, I was ready to have a sit down and try to cool off.  I picked up the remote, pushed a button, and...nothing.  On, off, channel guide...nothing worked.  Usually when this happens it means the batteries are dead, but I'd replaced them recently, twice in fact.  Good grief, this thing is eating batteries like they were jellybeans.  Okay, new batteries installed, I started pushing buttons.  Nothing.  I keep a good supply of all sizes of batteries and thought perhaps the new batteries from the drawer might have been old, so replaced the "new" batteries with even newer ones and got the same response.  Nada, zilch, zippo.  I hit the reset button on the receiver and got a message on the screen that there was complete loss of signal.  Aarrgh.  Unplugging the power cord didn't help.  It was time to call 911-tech support.  The nice lady determined that the remote was deader than a door nail and they would send me a new one.  "And what do I do in the meantime?"  She walked me through the steps of which buttons to push on the receiver, actually got a picture back on the screen, and wished me a good day.  Uh huh.  So for a week or however long it would take for the new remote to get here, I'd need to get up every time I wanted to change the channel, turn down the sound, etc., and there was no way to get to any prerecorded programs or DVR anything new.  Ratchafratch.  I have two satellite receivers, each with two televisions and two remotes, #1 and #2 (I did mention that Steve went overboard on telephones and televisions).  I knew a #2 would not work on a primary receiver, but wondered if the #1 in my bedroom would work on the living room TV.  It was worth a try.  Ta da!  I'm back in business until the new remote arrives.  Now all I have to do is remember to take the thing with me from room to room.

Drat.  I couldn't get a photo that would show the really unusual moon last evening.  It was full and glowing red, what I think is called a blood moon.  The picture of sunset isn't particularly spectacular, but the deepest red in the picture is the same color as the moon.

This morning it is the computer that's gone wonky.  It's running as slow on satellite as it used to on dial-up.  Just another phase.

I've learned never to ask, "What next."

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Kathryn Williams said...

Oh I SYMPATHIZE with the remote. I went through it about a month ago: Dish was in the neighborhood but they don't stock remotes but said to try our office, as we have 155 homes on a commercial account. I borrowed one but it was not for a TV with a DVR, so I returned it and tried what I thought was the right one. Nope, not compatible. I called Dish and they said that Walmart or Best Buy would have one (I had not yet ordered a free one from Dish.), so I bought WalMart's universal one that had Dish listed. NOPE. Then to Best Buy where a snotty employee assured me that the one for the Hopper would work, even though it was not one of the code numbers that I was told I needed. NOPE (Now I had 2 to return). So I broke down and ordered the free one from Dish, that would of course take a while to get to me. In the meantime, I did what you did...but first I had to move very heavy furniture to get my DVR out from behind my electric fireplace/mantle, where it was hidden from sight. Once available, I could turn on the DVR and then squat down while I was able to access the guide button, but I had to advance from channel 8 to 205 manually to span the channels I wanted...while craning my neck to watch the numbers advance. People joke about being too lazy to get up and change the channel, but with technology, it is impossible to just do it manually...and I had no second remote. I'm fixed now. Glad you are too.