Monday, July 3, 2017

Swinging Door

This was a busy place yesterday with lots of comings and goings.  I knew it was going to be hot and with no particular plans for the day, after barn chores I picked up a book and settled in.  The phone rang.  My milk-and-egg customer usually comes on Mondays and was checking on times.  He said he had a crazy week ahead so I told him that if it was more convenient he could pick up then.  He arrived within the hour.  He'd no more than left when Cam called and said she was going to swing by if I wasn't busy.  As we chatted, the phone rang.  Pete said he was "in the area" and would come up for a visit if that was okay.  Of course it was okay!  Cam left and Pete arrive shortly after.  We'd discussed plans for getting together for the Fourth and having hot dogs (a rare treat for either of us) and I'd picked up supplies.

As it is in my family, the date of celebrating any holiday is never as important as the company, so when Pete walked in I asked him if it was the Fourth already.  He said if I had the hot dogs, it could be the Fourth, and if I had enough, we could have the Fourth on the fourth, too.  Hey, that works for me!  I don't have a barbecue anymore; too big and too much trouble for one hot dog or hamburger, but I do have a grill pan that leaves the obligatory hatch marks and a nice char on meat.  I grilled the hot dogs and buns, already had chopped onions and condiments at the ready, and we took late lunch/early dinner out on the deck.  Happy Fourth...and we may do it again tomorrow!

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