Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Look Both Ways

"Look both ways," is good advice before crossing the street or entering an argument.  Up here, it's mandatory, especially when stepping in or out of the front door at this time of year.  The only rattlesnake I've seen (knock on wood) was on the front porch, and I posted a picture of that 5-6 foot gopher snake I found there some time back.  Since snakes cannot regulate their temperature, when it's this hot they come up to cool off in the shade on the cement.  I also look both ways when entering the barn.  Snake might be in there for the same reason.  I just don't like those kinds of surprises.

I am continually looking to the left and right while milking, on guard for the next squirrel attack.  It's extremely annoying.

Think I was kidding?  Whoever said there is no free lunch didn't know my opportunistic bunch.  Before leaving for town yesterday I had to bring out the barrel, brush in as much as I could off the tailgate, and drag the barrel back inside.  Unlike the barns, the shed where the birdseed is kept has a cement floor (ha ha!).  With the corrugated liner, I couldn't get all of the seed and, like Hansel and Gretel, I'm sure I left a trail of "crumbs" all the way to town.

Beau stopped by with two of his girls in the afternoon.  "Want to trade some zucchini for a cold beer?"  Well, of course!  As zucchini does, some had bolted and gotten too big and seedy, so the girls gave those to the chickens.  Happy chickens.

What with additional watering and ceiling fans going night and day, the electric bill was high this month.  Not as high as when the water line broke, but enough to widen my eyes.  Ah, well, the better to look both ways.

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