Sunday, July 23, 2017

Second Place

Animal stories took second place because yesterday was all about people.  There were no squirrels in the milking room anyhow (can it be I'm winning?).

Clay had decided to drive up here and we could go down to El Dorado together and he arrived right on time.  We had a heart-stopping moment on Bucks Bar when an idiot came screaming around us on a curve over a double yellow (no passing) line into the face of oncoming traffic.  Horns blared, but there was no collision.  That fool was an accident waiting to happen.  Shaken, I drove on and we pulled in front of Poor Red's with four minutes to spare.  It was nice to have had the extra time in the truck to talk with Clay.  Deb, the birthday star, and Craig arrived almost at the same time and we all went in to find Pete, and Dave and Jester, who had ridden up on their motorcycles, out on the patio.  It was so nice to be with a group of convivial people who honestly like each other.  Camille came to wish Deb happy birthday just as we had finished lunch.  She had again been beset with fencing problems.  No getting around the fact that it was July hot even though we were under wide umbrellas, so there wasn't much dawdling as we said goodbyes.  I believe Deb had a good day in the company of her loving family..

Pete came back to the house and he, Clay and I enjoyed good conversation.  Pete had come to check out my computer and external hard drive to see if they would be compatible with what he has in mind for the camera-in-the-barn project.  Oh, the pressure.

Time did, as it does, rolled on and it was time for the guys to leave, and I put the kids to bed just before sundown.  It was a good day.. 

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