Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Where There Is Smoke

Barely light out and the hills to the south are shrouded with smoke that has blown in from the Mariposa fire down around Yosemite.  It's that dreaded time of year. 

The barn squirrels seem to be sticking to the delayed-start game plan.  I can deal with that.  One or two did show up early, including Squint.  Either he came with the problem and I never noticed, or he's been hit in the eye too many times because he seems not to be able to open it well.  I hope it's not my fault.because I've never meant to hurt, only deter.

We caught a bit of a break yesterday when the hoped-for delta breezes came up from the valley.  Temps stayed in the high 80s, bearable, and when Bess and I sat on the deck it was almost pleasant.  Days of sustained heat (or rain) are wearing.

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