Friday, July 28, 2017

Dodged That Danger

They certainly had other things to do, but it got a little frustrating yesterday when CalFire and the other website for fire updates didn't post anything much past 6:30 a.m., saying that the Ranch Fire was 40% contained.  I couldn't see any smoke throughout the day and that was hopeful.  Not until afternoon did the word go out that the fire had been held to 154 acres and was 100% contained, all evacuations were lifted, no structures had burned, and it was all over but the shouting.  There was an outpouring of gratitude from the locals to the firefighters who had worked through the night to hold the line.  It was great to send good news to my Kids.

How nice it was to get back to what we call normal.  Being on high alert is wearing.  Even the barn chores were without incident.  Percy may be the Don of his gang, but Patience seems to have become the consigliere and is advising...patience.  "All things come to those who wait, boys."  I knew they were lurking in the back hallway, but none showed up in the milking room.  I can imagine they rushed in like the hordes of Genghis Khan as soon as I shut the door when leaving.  At least the mice got to eat breakfast in peace.

It seems so strange to me that just at the time when the hens go on summer break, laying few to no eggs, their intake of lay pellets increases to an alarming amount.  There is a large hanging bucket feeder in the coop that normally needs filling perhaps once a week; now it's empty in three days or so.  Go figure.

Beau came by again, this time bringing tomatoes which I happily accepted (I'm about zucchini-ed out).  He has been contacting neighbors about participating in purchasing gravel to resurface our road.  It is a private road and is not maintained by the county, and desperately needs attention.  After the rains of winter, there are ruts deep enough to snap an axle.  Beau will spread and pack the material with his big-boy tractor, and he seems to be getting full cooperation from the residents.  That's something to look forward to.

What with rising temperatures and being able to relax, it was pretty much a do-nothing day.  Bedtime went smoothly for the two- and four-legged critters.  Coming out of the chicken pen, there was a thumb-nail moon in a cloudless sky over the red glow of sundown.  That's the kind of red glow I like to see.

It was a good day.

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