Thursday, August 26, 2010

Holed Up

I quit checking when the temperature rose over 104 on the deck in the shade yesterday.  Bessie Anne and I went into hiding in the bedroom where the little window A/C was working overtime.  My Kids gave it to me a few years back and I feel like sending them thank-you notes every time we get a day like yesterday.  The boys called to make sure I hadn't melted into a puddle on the floor, and they laughed when I told them I'd turned on the sprinkler for the turkeys.  Ten or so of the poor birds were standing in the shade, wings spread and beaks wide open, trying to catch a breath of air.  As if they knew I was coming to their aid, they didn't move as I went out to turn the water on, and then pushed and shoved to get closer to the sprinkler.  I again poured water on the ground in the chickens' pens to give them a spot to cool off, and soaked Bessie Anne at the same time.  The goats drank nearly half of a seventy-gallon water trough.  Knowing that daytime television is mostly banal tripe, I DVR old movies, National Geographic specials, and a series that I particularly enjoy on the receiver in the bedroom just for days when we have to hole up to escape the heat.  It could be worse.  It was at least ten degrees cooler at the same time this morning, so I think relief is in sight.


Kathryn said...

Thank God for Kids, air conditioners, sprinklers, DVRs, and a thoughtful mistress of the manor who provides showers for wandering bands of letharios. I guess God decided that all of California needed a baking, as we are way way above normal too. Here's to cooler days for all!

Mark said...

I'll have to box up some cool ocean breezes with a maximum high of 82 degrees and mail them off to you. It's no problem, they're just across the street. Sounds like good weather for pasta your air conditioned bedroom.