Friday, August 27, 2010

Run Away!

I will admit to a degree of guilt as I drove off in the air-conditioned truck to go grocery shopping yesterday.  It might have been possible to stretch the supplies another day or two, but the thought of cool air while making the forty-five minute drive to the store was too enticing.  If Bess could have gone into the store, too, I would have taken her along.  As it was, I had to look into those accusing brown eyes and tell her I'd be back soon.  (Thank goodness she doesn't have a watch.)  I used to tell my Kids, "In just a minute!," until one replied, "But, Mama, your minutes take so much longer."  It actually was somewhat cooler in town; only one hundred in Diamond Springs as I drove though. 

Sheila has come to some sort of agreement with Poppy.  Sheila has always been the last to go into the barn at night, trying to decide where she'd be abused the least, but after the last few evenings of finally choosing the sheep, last night she pushed her way in right behind Poppy and went directly to that stall.  Poppy really is easy going, and I think it's a match.  I like happy endings.

I wish the eggs came stamped with the chicken of origin.  Because the different breeds in the big pen lay eggs of different colors, it's not hard to tell who's laid what, but the Silkies....  All I know is that I'm finding a little egg nearly every it just one pullet, or are all three dropping a contribution, one at a time?  Ah, the mysteries of life.

It's much cooler this morning...I won't have to run away today.


Kathryn said...

Ah, the critters don't have to conform to government regulations. If they did they would be required by some alphabet soup agency to purchase a pricey time and date stamp, complete with their initials, and install it where the sun don't shine, so that egg production could be automated and recorded properly! Hey, do ya think the Silkies would go along with that? Oh, Oh, better idea...get a teeny tiny camera and make a pretty necklace and let them each wear one - kind of like a hidden video camera for some expose (can't find the necessary acute accent mark, but you get the idea...ex po zay!)...a chicky tracker, as it were!! OK, I'm carried away!
Sign me, "Curious and Whacky"

Bo said...

Dear Whacky: a necklace would not get a picture from the egg-laying end of the chicken, and I'm thinking a "buttlace" wouldn't be welcomed by the hen any more than the gov't. stamp. I fear you've fallen under Mark's influence, kiddo, and your secret has been ex po zay'ed!

Mark said...

Ok now, I didn't think I had much to say because I'm a little tired from the 12 hours days we have been working. Yet, I must chime in about the "under Marks' influence" comment. You have to understand that I (occasionally?)just see things from a different perspective...even a compass moves off magnetic north sometimes. A Chicken Coup Camera (CCC)with auto-tracking. Sounds a little voyeuristic. I'd bet that the male wild turkeys would like that...Peeping Toms! These cool ocean breezes are down to about 75 degrees and enticing me to get some sleep. Just remember, I don't comment as much as I have in the past but....I am a peeping Blog Tom. Aloha