Saturday, August 21, 2010

Little Girl Grows Up

One of the little girls is growing up.  Since they sleep in a dormitory, I have no way of knowing which girl it is, but I found a little beginner egg yesterday morning and was as proud as if I'd laid it myself and heaped praise on their fluffy heads.  My guess is it is Yuki's, as she seems precocious (and is still assuming the position at night).  She's also the largest of the three.  I always get such a kick out of the first eggs...they are so tiny, and one never knows what color they'll be.  This one is pale tan.  The photo shows it next to an egg from one of the Rhode Island Reds, to compare for color and size.  Since the Silkies are a banty-style chicken, I don't know if the eggs will get larger as time goes by.  Once I had a gang here for the weekend when one of the hens started her laying career, and I had shown her little first effort to the Kids.  Later, when I was fixing breakfast, I asked Dave how many eggs he'd like.  "Twenty-seven, please." 

When one doesn't get a garden planted, the next best thing is a neighbor who did and who shares.  Joel and Judy stopped by the other day with a bag of oh-so-welcome fresh veggies.  I used some last night to add to...wait for it...pasta!

The girls in the goat barn are having trouble deciding on roommates for the next semester.  I let them make these decisions for themselves, but I can't keep up with who goes where at night.  Lucy, after years of sleeping in the milking room, wanted to go in with the Big Three, and Sheila slept alone in the little room.  Last night Lucy wanted back in "her" room, and Sheila went back in with Poppy, who seems to have made the adjustment and has quit complaining.  I hope they get this sorted soon, as I do much better with a set routine, too. 

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Kathryn said...

Yay, Yuki! Funny Dave! Generous Joel and Judy! Great Dormitory College Capers! And...I didn't have to wait for it - the minute you said fresh veggies, I pictured Pasta Primavera! Enjoy your weekend...although, speaking of a set routine, I imagine your weekend is not set apart from M-F unless you are blessed with Kids!!