Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The comments today require an "official" response, which I am more than pleased to provide. 

Wow, Linda...kind words from an avid reader of all genres, and as such are particularly appreciated.  When not much is going on here, I have to reach father afield to come up with something...anything...that might possibly be of interest.  Thanks for hanging with me.

Kathryn:  I hesitated to mention "Hell," which I have played countless hours with my mother, my sister, my Kids, my nephews and nieces from time immemorial.  A particular memory regarding this card game of double solitaire involves our moving into a new house in an upscale neighborhood when I was in my early teens. Our next-door neighbor had a maid, for crying out loud, and the mother wore matched sweater sets and nylons (those came before pantyhose) and a string of pearls...every day.  It was summer and all our windows were open, and Mother and I played Hell.  For those not familiar with the game, it is played very fast, and the first one to use all their cards is required to yell (and I do mean yell), "HELL!"  My mother was not surprised that she and Mrs. Woolston never became friends.  I'm sure Mrs. Woolston played bridge; Mother played poker.  We played Hell.

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Kathryn said...

My how our lives in the San Gabriel Valley had some parallels...only my folks did not move into an upscale neighborhood until well into their "empty-nest-hood," and they never lived next door to Donna Reed or June Cleaver.

Fun to have an Addendum...thanks!