Tuesday, October 19, 2010


There is something so homey about a cat on the windowsill.  I even like to see them in a stranger's house while driving by.  They just look peaceful and content.  Looks can be deceiving, however.  One never knows what cats are thinking.  For all I know, Pearl may be planning a coup to take over the household, or salivating while watching a particularly plump bird in the tree outside.  I prefer to think she is daydreaming pleasant thoughts and just watching the clouds drift by.

At daybreak today, as I was getting ready to take the trash to the big road, the Beastie Boys were making a kill down in my woods.  It's easy to follow the drama as it unfolds:  the pack in full voice as they close in, and the sudden silence when it's over.  There is a dichotomy of feelings:  pity for the prey, but gladness that the pack will feed. 

This is where I live.  It's home.


Kathryn said...

Yes, as much as we animal lovers want to feel sorry for the prey, it IS nature at work...but I just don't want to watch. And it is only when we females put our "mom" caps on that we want to blame the mean hungry ones and run and help the prey. But just please, Beastie Boys, go shopping for dinner and then enjoy the repast...when I'm not around!

Your pics of Pearl look like pure contentment - from both of your perspectives. (So no, Pearl, I DON'T want to know that you are dreaming of mice with hollandaise for dinner, with some blackbird pie a la mode for dessert!!)

Anonymous said...

My dog also sits in the windowsill, I swear he's a cat! I think it's just tv for aniimals.