Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's About Esther

Esther seem to be suffering from either presenile dementia or just short-term memory loss, or it could be that she's pulling a scam to get seconds.  She normally comes fourth in line to be fed (she's not a milker), but lately she's been taking cuts and coming to the door in second or third place.  That's not the problem.  It's the fact that she then comes back again and again.  I explain, "Esther, you've already had your breakfast."  "I have?  I don't remember that."  "Esther, you're still burping cereal!"  "But it's my turn!  I'm sure of it.  I always follow Sheila."  "Yes, but today you came in right after Lucy.  Remember that?"  "No, I don't!  And I want my breakfast!  Let me in!"  It's very difficult to argue with a single-minded goat.

It's spitting rain this morning; enough to need the wipers when I took the trash down to the big road.  This cooler weather has me re-energized and I've been taking care of some of those chores that were so easy to put off during the heat.  All the critters are in bed by seven now, and I'm relearning how to cope with the long evenings. 

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Kathryn said...

Funny (or sad) about Esther...maybe she has heard that several small meals are better for you than one BIG meal!!! Glad you are energized...and too bad you aren't much of a tv watcher...lots of good shows to enjoy for those of us who like to be entertained that way!!!