Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unexpected Guests

The first unannounced arrival was Valentine, my neighbor's donkey, who either jumped the fence or came through a bent gate.  I discovered her out behind the garden on my way to milk, and so could only leave a phone message that Valentine had come calling.  That's not being a good hostess, but I didn't have time to break out the cookies and milk just then.  Valentine would have to learn that at this time of year, the grass isn't greener anywhere.  (Owner later retrieved escapee and fixed gate.)

The next guests to arrive in the afternoon were these two Rhodies, politely knocking on the doors to the breakfast room after getting no response at the dining room doors.  It's very strange to hear knocking, go to the door and find no one there...until you look down to your feet.  Perhaps they'd heard there was a vacancy in the laundry room, or that there might be corn on the evening's menu.  To get here, these little girls had to come all the way around the house on the deck.  Pretty adventuresome, I think.  Since I didn't invite them in (what can I say?), they took the fast way out and leaped off the deck and fluttered to the ground.

Joel did a drive-by later and brought some of his home-canned fruits and tomatoes.  He makes the best applesauce!  (Joel did come in.)

With all this company, it's a good thing I dusted!

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Kathryn said...

Now THAT'S funny!!! Never a dull moment at Farview Farm. OK, I guess maybe Valentine and the Rhodies can READ...I TOLD you there was an ad about your B & B!!! Let's hope they don't take out a counter ad....she's got a great place, but she won't let you in the door...but the grass and worms are good!