Monday, October 25, 2010

Ahhh, Yes

Just as a second pregnancy brings flashbacks of the prior labor, the first real storm of the year reminds one of last winter's trials and tribulations.  Slogging through the mud, slipping and sliding in the chicken pen, sitting in soggy bibbies to milk wet goats.  Ahhh,'s all coming back to me now.  The driving rain and roaring wind never let up all day.  Returning to the house, I couldn't have been wetter if I'd stood in the shower with my clothes on.  Even my socks were wet through my winter boots.  Mercifully, the power stayed on and everything could go right into the dryer.  I had turned the Silkies' crate so the rain wouldn't blow in, but the wind shifted and last night I found three wet hens under the stand and a lone egg sloshing around in the crate.  I retrieved the egg, dumped out the water, brought straw, put the littlest girls to bed, and made a lean-to of sorts to protect the door.  The goats had to be pushed outside in the morning and then nearly stampeded to get back in at night.  Long winter, wet spring, short summer, and winter's here again.  Oh, yes...I remember.


Kathryn said...

No smart comment this morn.......all I can say is YIKES...for all involved (except perhaps Frank, Pearl, and Bessie Anne - who have no chores, have water-tight 24/7 shelter, and who probably go potty pretty darn fast when nature calls!)

Mark said...

Nearly a month has gone by without my daily fix of "The Farm". Let's just say the internet is "Up and Down mor'n a $2 street-walker on the day the Navy Carrier docked". There are still 12 more days of blog to read but I wanted to jump ahead to the latest so I could let you know that I'm still a loyal follower. I have observed however that a change in my environment coming to Wake Island has increased my interest in the news from (what seems like) the other side of the world. I get a glimpse of your day to day changes, the comments from your followers and the updates on the four seasons (only two seasons here...warm or warm and wet). A better read than if we had a daily paper, which we don't. I hope Esters dementia doesn't last, that Poppy can stay away from the fire ants (owch), the wine harvest is good and the bartering continues to provide (fermented) fruitful results, the rain doesn't change the topography too quickly and the Gift of Time rewards you often. Thanks

Kathryn said...

Ah Mark...glad to see you back. It's pretty lonely out here in the "Comments" arena. Not knowing anything about your background except that you are one of the related-on-both-sides Smiths (or something like that), what the heck do you do? Seems like you were in Hawaii and now Wake Island...and sometimes Florida and Chico??? You DO get around!