Thursday, October 7, 2010

More Visitors

It was business as usual.  Feed and water the hens, let them out of their coops.  Haul alfalfa down to the goats...wait!  It took me a second to process the fact that those pacing creatures in the goat pen were a pair of Doberman pinschers, inside the fence line.  Call me chicken, but I saw "Reservoir Dogs" and I wasn't about to go into the pen with these animals.  The hens were free ranging and Bess was at my side, so I couldn't let the Dobies out, and there was no way to let the goats free.  Aren't I glad I spend the time to tuck all animals in at night?  Having jumped the fence to get in to the goats, the hot wire kept the dogs from jumping out.  I ran to get the phone and the camera, and called Animal Control.  In the meantime, the black-and-tan girl (they were both females) had dug her way into Joel and Judy's vineyard.  Of course, she was the one with the collar and tags.  After a short rest, she took off.  The red cried and paced, wanting to go with her friend, but stayed in the pen until Animal Control Gal came.  I wasn't the only one who was nervous about getting this heavily muscled dog into the truck, but there were no problems at all.  As Animal Control Gal said, "I'm all about the treats," and had pocketsful to gain cooperation (although she did wisely muzzle Red before lifting her into the cage).  Bessie Anne said she'd get in the truck, too, if that's all it took to get some goodies.  AC Gal doled out a few just because Bessie was "screaming cute."  Black-and-tan came back to the fence line just as AC Gal was ready to leave, and was so glad to be back with her friend, almost ran to the truck.  She not only had a collar, she was microchipped so her family could be found right away.  All the while this drama was unfolding, the goats, who normally holler at the top of their lungs whenever they see me, were keeping a very low profile and didn't make a peep.  They may not be the sharpest pencils in the box, but they recognize danger. 

This unexpected turn of events put me way behind schedule, and I was late getting to my friend Arden's for lunch.  Arden, like my daughter, belongs to the Martha Stewart school of presentation, and she makes the most delicious soups and salads.  Both offerings were chock full of fresh ingredients, and I felt healthier just looking at them and so satisfied after eating.  We may be at opposite political poles, but long ago we agreed to disagree, resulting in interesting, stimulating conversation, and it was the most pleasant way to share an afternoon.

More company is due today.  Dave and Zach are coming up!  Now these are two "big dogs" I will be happy to see.

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Kathryn said...

Wow, so glad it turned out well...and what are the chances that a donkey, 2 Rhodies, and 2 Dobies would all come visiting in a period of a couple of days??? Enjoy your WELCOME 2-legged guests, and how nice that the goats flew under the radar...instinct is pretty powerful and wise!